Because Life is a journey, not a destination – A learning for me !!

Before you begin reading, I request you to please take out few minutes from your busy life and then read this article. I bet it will change your perspective about how you are living your Life?


Life is journey and not a destination. A great thought which everyone would have heard before – it’s something which is a truism. Take a moment and just think about your own life. Have you “Arrived” at your final destination? Have you achieved everything what you have hoped to achieve in life? Have you traveled everywhere you have wanted to travel? Have you finished what you have started? Have you lived your life for you? Is there anything which you think you need to do? I bet the answer to many of the questions is “NO”!!

The truth is, no matter how much you achieve, accomplish, and acquire in life,  there is always something more you would like to go for. You’ll never “REACH” your final destination—at least not in this life! Exceptions are always possible but here I am talking about majority of people.

But questions is, why does all this matter? Because far too many people put off what really matters in pursuit of the things they want to achieve. They tell themselves that they will worry about these things once they have reached their destination. Things like family, friends. nurturing relationships, enjoying life, experiencing peace and these things are just put off and most of the time they are never re-discovered.

However, the key to obtain real peace in our lives is to focus on enjoying the journey, taking the time to “smell the roses,” and focusing on what’s really important in life. This doesn’t mean that we have to give up on our dreams and our goals. It’s good to be ambitious and it’s great to want to accomplish enormous things in our life.

The key, however, is simply finding the right balance, discovering a mindset that allows us to pursue big things without sacrificing the “little things” that make life happy and worth living.

Here’s a simple exercise for you.

Take out a sheet of paper and jot down three of your biggest “life goals”. These should be significant milestones such as “Buying my Dream Home,” “Finding my Perfect Soul Mate, ” “Writing a Best – Selling Book,” etc.

Now, on a separate section of the sheet, write down 5-10 of the most important “little things” that you don’t want to forget about as you work towards these goals.Things such as: “Time with my Daughter/Son/Significant other,” “Nurturing Relationships with Friends,” “Plenty of Free Time,” etc.

When you’ve finished this exercise, place this sheet of paper in a safe place. You will have created a visual reminder that will help you with one of life’s biggest challenges –  enjoying the journey in life, instead of focusing obsessively on reaching your final destination.

I hope after reading this you would like to think about your life? What do you think? Is your life more a journey or a destination?? Ask these questions with yourself and share your experiences in comment section. It is always good to know some inspiring stories as they make positive changes in others life and that is the motto of our team. Please comment and Share !!

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