Importance of motivation – Yes We Can !!


Motivation plays an important part in a society that operates without money. This article looks at motivation and what motivate people or importance of motivation in one’s life.


The word “motivation” and the word “emotion” both have a common root in the Latin word “movera”, meaning “to move” and shows that motivation and emotions have a close link [Passer, Gross]. What tends to motivate us tends to have a personal, emotional aspect for us. This means that making it personal becomes a key element in motivating people.

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Why Motivation Important

To accelerate yourself to success, you would want to cultivate a habit of consistently experiencing a set of positive emotions. Top success coach Tony Robbins identified 10 power emotions that we should cultivate daily in his book Awaken the Giant Within. The 10 power emotions are:

1. Love & Warmth

2. Appreciation & gratitude

3. Curiosity – then you can grow and learn through life

4. Excitement & passion

5. Determination

6. Flexibility

7. Confidence – through the power of faith

8. Cheerfulness – there is a big difference in being happy inside, and showing it outside. It enhances self esteem, makes life more fun, make others happier

9. Vitality – if you don’t take care of your body, it’s hard to take care of your emotions

10. Contribution

Emotion and motivation brings such rich texture and color to our lives. Living a life void of emotions is like only being half alive. If you’’re serious about success and happiness, you will need to show up 100%. According to Napoleon Hill in his book ‘Think and Grow Rich’, when emotion and desire are used together, it creates a very powerful energy.

So make your daily experience one with full of emotions. No matter how hard, there is always a something to feel positive emotions about. The first few days will be tough, but once you start to gain momentum, you’’ll snowball your way to an exciting, colorful life. This is how emotion and motivation can change your life.

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